Chimney and Lead Work

We are able to undertake all types of chimney repair and restoration.

Simply contact us to arrange for one of our specialists to visit your property to see how we can help.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we will provide you with a written no obligation quotation that includes all access, labour and material costs. You can be confident that we will only quote for work that you really need and, as our prices are transparent, there will be no surprises when you receive your final bill.

Chimney Removal

If a chimney has becomes unsafe or has started to lean then it may need to be removed, we can do this efficiently and rebuild it if required.

Cowls and Chimney Pots

Fitting and repairing damaged cowls and chimney pots

Lead Work Around Chimney

We provide and fit lead flashing which seals the points that chimney meets the roof surfaces to prevent leaks.

Chimney Repointing / Pointing

A chimney stack is located in a very exposed place, therefore it is not uncommon for the pointing to crumble. Innovate Roofing provide both pointing and re-pointing services.

Leadwork Roofing Services

Lead has been used as a water and weatherproof finish on Essex & Kent buildings for hundreds of years. This is because leadwork is very durable, and is perfect for cutting and shaping by hand. Leadwork has a high resistance to erosion which means it will last much longer than other roofing materials. Leadwork can be used as the main roof covering or to create flashing, box gutters, run out valleys or to create junctions between walls and the main roof.

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